Why Pay to Volunteer?

Instead of coming to the Caribbean for just sand, sea, sun and fun, why not pay to volunteer with RSVP Caribbean. This ensures that there will be a programme or project that matches your skill sets, needs, interests and preferences. You will have RSVP Caribbean take the hassle out of the process by coordinating the experience for you. Value for money is what we pride ourselves on and so it is evident that the money you paid was well worth it. After giving of your time Monday to Friday each week then you still get to experience the warmth and vibe of the islands. You pay for the support, the coordination, the logistics and contribute to a fund that helps communities across the Caribbean – isn't that worth it?

Volunteering is a life changing experience and a different opportunity for you to make an impact and support a cause. RSVP Caribbean programmes start at $1,400USD per person; please see Programme and Project Price for more details. We do not receive any funding from government agencies, development agencies or external parties to operate in our various locations. The fee you pay goes towards the operations of the various programmes and projects across the Caribbean. The fee also allows us to select the right staff, carefully research programmes, build and sustain our partnership network, provide all the necessary services for you and importantly, give back to the communities. You can click on Breakdown of Fees to see how your money is spent.