Programme Structure and Orientation

Once you have selected and paid for your preferred volunteer experience, you will receive full support to help you prepare for your Caribbean experience. We will do everything possible to ensure that you understand different aspects of the volunteering process and make the necessary preparations.

Volunteers receive a full orientation the day after arrival. This includes a tour of the town, tips on adapting to the culture, safety measures, customs, language, important landmarks, transportation system, communication process and expectations for the duration of the RSVP volunteer experience. As a volunteer you will work for a minimum of five (5) hours each day at your assigned programme or project. You will be given a timetable with the specific tasks you will perform while at the partner agency.

There will be weekly site visits, follow-ups, workshops and cultural events and a monthly community outreach dependent on the selected programme and its duration. There will be a community impact day once per month. On the weekend if you are on any regular volunteer programme you will plan your own weekend activities. You can always ask a staff member for suggestions. For special projects and groups, weekend activities are organized by RSVP Caribbean.

If you are in-country during times for any RSVP Special Projects you can participate in those as well.