Safety and Support

Volunteering abroad is a great opportunity to experience new cultures, make a contribution to society and grow as an individual. However, like with any form of travel there are some associated risks which must be understood and managed.

Your safety is our number one priority. We ensure that programmes, projects, accommodations and communities are safe for our volunteers to work and live by conducting risk assessments and preparing risk management and safety plans. We provide a detailed orientation the day after arrival which includes the necessary safety tips. Background and reference checks of staff, host families and volunteers are completed. We have first aid qualified staff and proper emergency response planning.

As a responsible provider of volunteer placement opportunities, RSVP Caribbean ensures that we provide information and support about safety and security to our volunteers. With our risk management and safety plans across programmes and countries, we take a comprehensive approach and provide volunteers with the relevant knowledge needed for them to keep safe, secure and healthy while volunteering on our programmes.

Before leaving home our staff will provide safety tips and information to volunteers. On arrival there is a comprehensive one day orientation that further helps to prepare volunteers for their experience. It covers a wide range of topics that allows the volunteer to understand the local culture, programme objectives, expectations, health and safety and other key elements. All host families and programme partners are required to adhere to the risk management and safety plans. The plan guides the identification, assessment, analysis, mitigation of all risks associated with each programme and procedure of RSVP Caribbean. The risk areas include but are not limited to accommodation, transport, fire control and prevention, illness and physical harm, assault, robbery and theft, accidents, alcohol and use of illegal substances, natural disasters, man-made disasters and terrorism and other acts of violence.

Each procedural response has been developed with RSVP Caribbean partners in our destinations. The RSVP Team is available 24-hours each day to provide support to volunteers if the need arises and the necessary steps are in place to ensure effective and efficient handling of any situation if they arise. The company’s communications plan outlines the process that should be followed in the event of an emergency.