RSVP Special Projects

Dependent on your time of arrival in a destination you will participate in various special projects that are coordinated by RSVP Caribbean each year, with your support, and the support of our various partners. You can donate to any special project by clicking on the donate button or by emailing

RSVP Back to School Project

In August each year RSVP Caribbean provides back to school supplies to needy children in various communities across the Caribbean. This is coordinated at least 3 weeks before school reopens.

RSVP Christmas Project

In December each year RSVP Caribbean sponsors and coordinates the distribution of toys to children, and supplies such as groceries, clothes and personal items to the elderly who are in need. This is coordinated at least 1 week before Christmas.

RSVP Scholarship and Education Fund

Fifteen (15) needy students with good grades (5 each from the primary, high and university levels) will be sponsored each year. For each needy student, sponsorship will be for the duration of their time at the school they were attending when the sponsorship started; once they maintain an average at or above 85%. When those students have been fully supported then another set of students will be supported or, funds permitting, a new set of students will be supported each year.

RSVP Sponsor a Classroom Project

There are many early childhood, primary and high schools in the Caribbean that are in need of additional classroom space. With 45+ students in each class and sometimes no wall separating the classrooms, the teaching and learning process is negatively affected. It costs approximately $10,000USD to build and equip a classroom.

$10,000USD donation = 1 classroom = 45+ students helped directly = 1,500+ students helped indirectly

RSVP Sponsor a Child Project

There are many children in child care facilities and poor communities who do not have the basic necessities to survive. Through your help you can sponsor a child each month for only $100USD. This goes towards their transportation cost to attend school, uniforms, books and lunch.

RSVP Sports Equipment Project

Children and young adults in the Caribbean thrive on sports. There are many talented individuals who need support through the various sporting programmes within schools and communities. This is your opportunity to assist RSVP Caribbean in sponsoring sports equipment, sports gear and resurfacing playing fields (football, tracks, netball courts, basketball courts).

RSVP Homeless Outreach Project

The issue of homeless is longstanding, misunderstood and is not being given the desired attention it needs. While there are government agencies and NGOs who are playing their role in assisting homeless and stress person, at RSVP Caribbean we feel so much more needs to be done in a practical and collaborative way and based on evidence. The main focus for RSVP has been advocacy and providing for their basic needs through our monthly outreach. However as an organization the decision has been made to look at more sustainable solutions. We understand that this will take time, effort and resources and we are committed to working with the homeless and street persons individually and collectively.

Persons are on the streets for various reasons, this includes: natural or manmade disaster, unemployment, broken relationship, an illness, being deported, mental illness, mental, physical or emotional abuse, violence, disability, discharge from prison, addictions of varying kinds, substance abuse, among other things. It is a myth that majority of the population who are homeless have a mental illness and our unfortunate description is that they are "mad", hence they are ostracized.

The numbers keep rising but as at December 2016, there are 43 homeless and street persons in the town of Mandeville, Jamaica.

Our goal for 2017-2020

  1. Monthly Outreach - providing food and personal care items (soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, clothing) the last Friday of each month.
  2. 5 Homeless Cases - through our research we have decided to work on getting 5 persons off the streets in the next 3years. Resources permitting we will be able to do more. This will include rehabilitation for some, accommodation, for all and finding employment among other things.