RSVP Core Values

RSVP Caribbean is committed to:


Ensuring that honesty and strong moral principles guide the work of the company.

Quality Service

Providing exceptional service and well organized programmes and projects that will benefit all partners.

Community Impact

Ensuring that the contribution of volunteers supports community and national needs.

Cultural Exchange

Fostering a mutually beneficial learning experience for volunteers and all partners and ensuring that each partner leaves the process gaining a greater appreciation of the value of others. A culture of balance, fairness and creativity is promoted.

Mutual Respect

Ensuring that all local norms and customs are preserved and protected, and at the same time understanding the vantage point of the volunteers.

Environmental Preservation

Deliberately taking steps to ensure that the company and all its partners are environmentally aware and act responsibly in caring for the environment.


Ensuring the longevity of programmes through continuous support where needed and strategically facilitating a generational impact.