Responsible Volunteering Policy

At RSVP Caribbean we ensure that volunteering abroad is a benefit to the volunteer and the local organization. We provide all the information so volunteers can make informed and responsible choices and do not exploit people, wildlife and the environment in a bid to promote what we do.

We understand that volunteers want to make a real difference in destinations. We understand that the needs of the beneficiaries and volunteers must be taken into consideration at all times. In all the planning and implementation of our programmes and projects we act responsibly and consider the short, medium and long-term effects of anything that we do. We make every effort to ensure that programmes are sustainable.

Our Responsible Volunteering Policy includes:

  • RSVP Caribbean offers affordable and high quality programmes and projects and contribute to the local communities in which we work.
  • RSVP Caribbean markets it programmes and projects in a responsible and ethical manner.
  • RSVP Caribbean ensures that we operate legally in all destinations.
  • RSVP Caribbean screens volunteers, staff, drivers, host families, programme partners and all third parties using a rigorous system.
  • RSVP does not replace paid employment opportunities for local individuals.
  • RSVP Caribbean ensures that all beneficiaries are protected and as such we register with relevant government bodies, ensure that all rights of children and all other groups of beneficiaries are protected, avoid attachment and dependency and provides proper briefing and orientation for volunteers.
  • RSVP Caribbean undertakes regular visits to programmes and projects to ensure they are running smoothly and make changes as necessary.
  • RSVP Caribbean audits its programmes yearly to assess the impact on the local community. The findings from the audit are used to continuously improve the quality, impact and sustainability of programmes.
  • RSVP Caribbean allocates a percentage of all volunteer fees to a community development fund. This fund supports programme partners and community development initiatives.
  • RSVP Caribbean does not organize flights directly for volunteers but we offer advice on companies only if they offer responsible opportunities that also protect the environment. We encourage volunteers to calculate the carbon emissions from flying by using a carbon footprint calculator to determine the least possible effect. Through the environmental awareness and protection programme we do our part in lessening carbon emission and protecting the environment.