Rastafarian Culture Project

  • Location: Jamaica
  • Types of Partners: Community groups
  • Population Served: Children and adults
  • Age Group Served: All
  • Number of People Cared For: Varies for each community
  • Minimum Stay: From 1 week
  • Sustainable Development Goal: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Project Requirements: No specific requirement from partners. Volunteers who want to learn more about the Rastafarian culture are encouraged to apply. Volunteers with studies or experience in cultural development, history, literature or any related area are suitable.
  • Work Schedule: 5 hours per day, Monday – Friday
  • Activities: Weekly workshops and cultural events
  • Accommodation Type: Host Family or within the village
  • Price: From $1,200USD per person, convert to your currency. Please see Programme and Project Price for Jamaica
  • Meals Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner (adapted to dietary requirements as necessary)
  • What is Included: 24-hour support, accommodation, programme, three meals, transportation to and from the airport, taxi cost from host family to partner agency, please see What is Included for a full list
  • What is Not Included: Airfare, daily lunch, internet, laundry, travel and health insurance, see What is Not Included for a full list
  • Start Dates: Flexible
  • Age of Volunteer: Must be 18+

Getting to learn more about the Rastafarian culture offers volunteers a unique opportunity to explore this way of life. Rastafarians believe in a simple life that is focused on taking care of the body and the earth in such a way that shows that both are blended and interconnected. Within the Rastafarian village there is a collective sense of belonging and a true spirit of community between men, women and children. Equal rights and justice for all is promoted and the mission of one love and the principles that underline that gives volunteers an experience of a lifetime. Volunteers are welcomed to come and share in the lives of Rastafarians.

Volunteers can play a major role in helping with the development of the village that they will be a part of. Since their focus is on the preservation of nature and promoting 'one love' volunteers can be a part of this way of living. Rastafari is not a religion but a way of life. On the Rastafarian Project there are different components that volunteers can assist with depending on their skills and interests. These include signage and fencing, establishment of a river park, composting and organic farm development and irrigation systems, construction of the indigenous village dwellings, craft making, natural energy, adventure playground and spa project.

Volunteers will be fully exposed to the Rastafarian way of life through their food, music, natural way of living and spreading the message of 'one love'. Some volunteers will live in the village (dependent on the available space at time of application) which is fifteen minutes from the Montego Bay Town Centre or with host families nearby. Volunteers will eat naturally, that is having fruit, vegetables and herbs. Volunteers will not be allowed to take anything into the village such as meat which is not in keeping with the standards of the village. All volunteers are expected to respect the culturally practices of the village which will be outlined to them by the village leaders.