Physiotherapy Programme

  • Location: Jamaica
  • Types of Partners: Hospitals and Homes for the elderly
  • Population Served: Children and adults
  • Age Group Served: All
  • Number of People Cared For: 20+ (varies for each partner)
  • Minimum Stay: From 2 weeks
  • Sustainable Development Goal: Good Health and Well-Being
  • Programme Requirements: Volunteers should have completed at least one year of physiotherapy studies (observation only), or two years or more to access practical work experience at the discretion of partners. Professionals will be asked to register to do practical work, to observe only no registration is required. RSVP Caribbean will guide you through the simple registration process.
  • Work Schedule: 5 hours per day, Monday – Friday
  • Activities: Weekly workshops and cultural events
  • Accommodation Type: Host Family
  • Price: From $1,400USD per person, convert to your currency. Please see Programme and Project Price for Jamaica
  • Meals Included: Breakfast and dinner (adapted to dietary requirements as necessary)
  • What is Included: 24-hour support, accommodation, programme, two meals, transportation to and from the airport, taxi cost from host family to partner agency, please see What is Included for a full list
  • What is Not Included : Airfare, daily lunch, internet, laundry, travel and health insurance, please see What is Not Included for a full list
  • Start Dates: Flexible
  • Age of Volunteer: Must be 18+

Accessing physiotherapy care privately is very costly in the Caribbean. As such, many persons depend on government agencies for this type of care. This results in the government system being overburdened, under staffed and lacking sufficient resources. There is a long waiting period and follow up is not continuous in some countries due to the volume of persons needing this specific type of care. The contributing factors to the growing cases include birth defects, traffic accidents, injuries on the job and lifestyle illnesses which result in physical damages. As a physiotherapy volunteer you will assist with patient care for persons who have orthopedic cases, suffering from stroke, experiencing muscle problems, chest conditions, developmental problems, back pains, post-surgery care and brain disorders. As a volunteer you will assist with preparing and completing treatment plans for patients. Practicing physiotherapists and physiotherapy students are able to provide support in a hospital or infirmary where their skills are particularly needed.