Fundraising Tips

You can choose to fundraise for your trip with RSVP Caribbean. While we understand that some volunteers will have enough funds to cover their programme fee, insurance, flights and spending money, others will not. Ensure that you carefully calculate the amount of money you will need before you start fundraising so you have a set goal. All volunteers do not have to do this. To help you with securing more money for your volunteering experience, RSVP Caribbean has partnered with FundMyTravel, a crowd-funding website which assists volunteers in accessing funds. Through FundMyTravel you can create a fundraising page, set your financial goals, share your story with family and friends through social media and get the opportunity to raise funds. Please click on the RSVP FundMy Travel page to start your fundraising campaign. While we make this recommendation RSVP Caribbean does not offer any guarantee that you will raise the funds required.

Below are some other fundraising tips that you can explore:

  • Search online for any scholarships or grants in your area. If you are in high school, college or university also check to see if any grants are offered for service learning.
  • Organize a fundraiser at your school or in your community. There are many creative ideas that you can research and choose one based on your interests. Some ideas include bake sales, treasure hunts, working as a hired hand, a sponsored walk, planning a marathon and/or 5K run/walk, a dinner party, tea party, wine tasting, themed party, karaoke evening, movie night, fashion show, car wash, garage sale and so many more.
  • You can put away some of your allowance or any monies earned on a consistent basis to support your trip.
  • Donation in lieu of presents – instead of taking a birthday, Christmas, Valentine or any other gift on a special day ask that money be given towards your trip.
  • You can set up a blog and write about why this experience will be beneficial to you and your host country. This will help to raise awareness about your cause.
  • Get a part-time job.

RSVP Caribbean can provide you with a verification letter to help in your fundraising efforts. This helps potential donors to see that your cause is legitimate. Once you have applied and paid your deposit and your acceptance is confirmed you can send an email to us at requesting this letter. Don't give up if some persons say no, some persons may say no, but think of all the others who may say yes.