Culinary Tourism Project – Jamaica

  • Location: Jamaica
  • Types of Partners: Restaurants, Food Fair Organizers, Farmers, Street Vendors, Food Banks/Shelters
  • Population Served: Homeless, Children
  • Age Group Served: Varies
  • Number of People Cared For: 45+
  • Minimum Stay: 1 Week
  • Sustainable Development Goal: Zero Hunger, No Poverty, Good Health and Well-Being
  • Project Requirements: No specific requirement, persons with a love for food and exploring traditions and cultures. Volunteers with studies or experience in Food and Beverage Management, Food Preparation, Food Industry Management and Marketing, Food Sciences, Food Production Management, Culinary Arts or any related area are suitable.
  • Work Schedule: Monday – Friday but may also require weekends for Food Fairs
  • Activities: Weekly workshops and cultural events
  • Accommodation Type: Host Family
  • Price: From $1,400 per person (does not include daily costs for culinary experiences), convert to your currency. Please see Programme and Project Price for for each country
  • Meals Included: Breakfast and Dinner (adapted to dietary requirements as necessary)
  • What is Included: 24-hour support, accommodation, project, two daily meals, transportation to and from the airport, taxi cost from host family to partner agency, please see What is Included for a full list
  • What is Not Included: Airfare, daily lunch, internet, laundry, travel and health insurance, please see What is Not Included for a full list
  • Start Dates: Flexible
  • Age of Volunteer: Must be 16+

An important part of the travel experience is food. Whether dining in a restaurant, cook shop or grabbing an authentic island meal on the corner, food makes the travelling experience memorable. By taking a break to indulge in the succulent offerings of food in the Caribbean, it creates the atmosphere for travellers to learn about the history and culture of the location as well as it facilitates a connection between travellers and locals. It becomes the centrepiece for stories, building relationships, connecting lives and having wholesome discussions about life and its people. Good food makes good travel.

On the Culinary Tourism Project volunteers will get to experience the different types of food in different spaces. Volunteers will be exposed to food fairs (based on what is happening at time of arrival), dining in famous Jamaican restaurants, exposure to on the street authentic Jamaican food, food preparation demonstrations and visiting farms that have a unique twist to meal preparation and the dining experience.

Food is a basic need and there are individuals in Jamaica who do not know where their next meal will come from. Volunteers also have the option to use their own culinary skills to prepare meals for those in need. This will be done primarily through our local partners and volunteers will help in meal planning, preparation and sharing with those in need. Volunteers can also help in promoting proper nutrition within schools. This type of support will assist in ensuring that the targeted population receives a nutritious and delicious meal.

Volunteers with a love for food or experience/training in the food industry or studying in the food industry will gain a wealth of experience on this project. It will expose and broaden your love for food, how food is prepared in another country, exposure to new ingredients and recipes and learn some traditional cooking methods and procedures. Whether your passion is to experience the authentic cuisine of the Caribbean or become hands-on in issues related to poverty, this is the ideal opportunity for you.