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'I've been involved in service break community trips for the last 13 years and I have been to a variety of different countries and we wanted to expand the program to different locations and we chose Jamaica. I can say that this has been one of the best alternative spring break that I have undertaken with students, this has exceeded our expectations.'

Evene Estwick Ph.D., Associate Professor, Wilkes University

‘It was really a great and fulfilling experience. Appreciate the effort the RSVP team made to help teach and introduce the Jamaican culture. We learned about the community and did our best to help. The FIU team is truly happy and satisfied.’

Renzo Torres-Lara - Florida International University Student

‘The volunteer experience provided valuable insight into child protection in Jamaica. I felt supported by the RSVP Team and the activities organized by RSVP were very valuable. For my host family – great food, great accommodation, local knowledge, warm and friendly. Reggae dance class, patois and culture class, cooking class and the homeless outreach were great. Orientation was also very helpful and I am grateful for the flexibility due to my delayed flight.’

Jayne Stinson – MP Australia

Overview of RSVP

RSVP Caribbean Volunteers was conceptualized and developed based on the need for suitable, affordable and safe needs-based programmes and projects for volunteers who wish to come to the Caribbean. RSVP Caribbean offers programmes and projects that are properly researched and make a meaningful difference. If you give of your time as a volunteer you need to know that it was worth it, you need to know that it was useful, you need to know that the company truly cares about the programmes, projects and communities that you work in and that is what RSVP Caribbean does - Respond...Discover...Change Lives.

RSVP Caribbean Volunteers RSVP Caribbean Volunteers is a registered company with its head office in Jamaica and sub-offices across the Caribbean. The focus is on the Caribbean because the socio-economic issues such as illiteracy; poor health services and facilities; inadequate access to, or, unaffordable health care; high unemployment; poverty; improper sanitation in schools and communities; lack of access to basic necessities (food, clothing and shelter); insufficient programmes for the elderly, the homeless and persons with disabilities and many other issues continue to be a challenge in Caribbean islands. As a volunteer you can accept the invitation from RSVP Caribbean to come and do your part to positively change the lives of persons through the various volunteer programmes - Respond...Discover...Change Lives.

RSVP Caribbean Volunteers coordinates safe, affordable, high quality needs-based programmes and projects for overseas volunteers from any country who want to give of their time, skills and resources to their chosen location. The company manages and coordinates all aspects of the volunteer's experience including, but not limited to, providing the necessary information about the programmes, projects and accommodation as well as advice on the culture, travel and volunteering requirements. Ongoing support before arrival and while volunteers are in-country is an important part of the service provided. RSVP Caribbean Volunteers provides efficient service for the entire volunteering experience and takes the burden off the volunteers. Let us take the hassle out of your volunteering experience - why not RSVP today?

The RSVP Caribbean Volunteers Team has over 20 years combined experience in volunteer placement and working with volunteers from over 40 countries. The team members have vast cultural exposure based on their extensive international travel experience; which includes the countries of our volunteers and, of course, the Caribbean nations that will facilitate the RSVP Caribbean Volunteers experience. As a result, RSVP Caribbean has first-hand knowledge of what it means to live and work in the Caribbean; which is coupled with our sound knowledge of the Caribbean's hospitality, travel and tourism industry. RSVP Caribbean is very passionate about helping others which is an extension of the fact that we believe 100% in what we do and, as a result, have been active in volunteering on various programmes and projects for many years.

Our Approach

Issues and Needs-Based Programmes and Projects

All programmes and projects are based on specific situations that have been highlighted through research, consultations and reports. RSVP Caribbean cannot fix everything but we believe in doing our part to change lives.

Sustainable Development Goals

All programmes and projects are linked to the global sustainable development goals that many Caribbean islands are signatories to. These are specific local, national, regional and international priorities that are critical in improving the lives of persons. Of the seventeen (17) sustainable development goals, RSVP Caribbean through the work of its volunteers will focus on seven (7) of these goals. These are no poverty, good health and well-being, quality education, clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, sustainable cities and communities and climate action. Every action or task undertaken by a volunteer is connected to a framework for short, medium and long-term improvements.

Community Impact

The communities and partners are the greatest assets and beneficiaries. RSVP Caribbean believes in tangible outcomes and so the programmes and projects are developed with the sole purpose of ensuring that over time there are visible differences within the populations that we serve. Our local partners are vital to this process and we recognize, appreciate and honour that.

Strategic Focus

RSVP will focus on one region – the Caribbean. This is important as it allows careful in-depth research, assessment, intervention and monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects within a specific context. The similarities and differences across the Caribbean allows for case studies, communities of practice and documenting best practices. This targeted approach fosters better impact and use of resources.